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Embracing Creativity in Therapy: Let your hands do the talking

Updated: May 14

In the world of therapy, the emphasis on verbal communication often overshadows the potential of non-verbal expression. Carl Jung suggested that the hands may "solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain." Inspired by this notion, I sometimes offer creative therapy to clients if they think it may be helpful for them. It can be an alternative instrument for expression beyond traditional words.

woman with travel modern art illustration on the head

Working with our hands; drawing, using paints, sandtray or bringing photos, music, poetry, song lyrics (or any other creative methods you like) can help tap into the intuitive, right-brain processes; expressing emotions and experiences. They can help bridge what may currently be unavailable material from the unconscious into the conscious.

So often clients will tell me their therapeutic goal is to re-connect to their intuition and stop constantly doubting themselves. Or, that they cannot bring words to their experience or emotion because it's too hard, too buried or they just don't know how to.

If an opportunity to create something can be facilitated at this point then both client and therapist can take a look at that creation together. It can exist safely outside of the client. The emphasis is not on analysing or interpreting the creation; rather, the therapist assists the client in exploring its meaning, recognising that only the client truly understands what hurts or what has happened.

drawing of client therapist relation

Sometimes our limiting self-beliefs about not being a 'creative type' or judging our work as not being 'good enough' can block this process. Some of us are far more comfortable working with the cognitive and might be afraid to let go and explore. Either way, it's often very helpful for clients to explore these challenges before any creative work begins.

The therapist can offer ways to help break into the creative work but this isn't about creating polished works of art. This method is for absolutely everybody and it's about the profound self-discovery that occurs through creative expression. This inclusive and safe technique has proven highly effective, allowing clients to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

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